Hydraulic systems are used in a variety of different pieces of machinery and equipment today.  Hydraulics are often used in applications that need a significant amount of force to be applied, or when large pieces of equipment need to be manipulated or rotated.  Hydraulic systems can be found on heavy equipment or industrial machines, but also on many boats and other small lawn and garden equipment.

A hydraulic system consists of:

  • A reservoir of hydraulic fluid or hydraulic oil

  • A pump

  • A series of hoses and valves

  • hydraulic rams or motors.

When one of the valves are actuated, the hydraulic pump draws fluid from the reservoir and pushes it at high pressure through the hoses to the proper rams or motors moving the equipment.  Since most hydraulic systems are designed to move heavy equipment or create high pressures, the hydraulic fluid is often at very high pressures, from 1000 PSI to more than 5000 PSI.

Due to the high pressure, and constant motion of the rams, motors and pump, it’s not unusual to find leaks in your hydraulic system even with proper maintenance.  You will notice these leaks possibly by a lack of power or force in your system, or more obviously in a fluid leak or drip.  Replacing hydraulic seals is a difficult job that often requires specialty tools and a detailed knowledge of the system.  Also, the close tolerances and smooth machined surfaces in the system make many of the components susceptible to damage if improperly handled or if the wrong tool is used.

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